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Bienvenue. . Bienvenidos. . Welcome. .

. . . to the wonderful worlds of travel and writing!

If you spin travel dreams, join me here on journeys to corners near and far, some well-known and others hideaways off the beaten path. I haven't yet reached those thousand places to see before I die, but I've been to quite a few and written guidebooks, articles, and stories about them.

Are you a tourist or a traveler? Both have their merits. When you want to skate over the map and hit the famous highlights, that's your tourist mode. When you're a traveler, you seek greater depth, and that's my preference, whether I'm checking out a hole-in-the-wall chocolate shop three miles from home or a shrine on a mountain in Nepal. Sometimes I'm a pilgrim in search of sacred sites and ancient temples. And occasionally I just bask on a sunny beach with a stack of books by my side.

You'll find some of my travel stories on this website. Their suggestions and my travel tips may help you with your own plans, whether you're packing for next week, thinking about next year, or dreaming of the distant future.

If you'd like to respond or share a tale or two, and maybe a favorite spot, please send an email. I love to hear from others who share my endless curiosity about other lands and other cultures.

Bon voyage!

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